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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

We so enjoyed our recent post in which we reviewed the works of two up-and-coming designers, that we've decided to make 'new, fresh, young and talented' a more regular feature.  So, where to start?  Well, how about with groupDesign, formed by two designers, Richard Wells and Jeremy Schotte, who wanted to combine their commercial, bespoke and architectural design experience to create progressive lighting, furniture and home accessories.  Working on projects individually and as a partnership, Wells and Schotte believe that collaboration adds a richness and depth to the design process.

We adore the clean lines, simplicity and craftsmanship which is more than evident in their designs ........

Multifunctional piece of furniture designed as an elegant space-saving solution for the modern living space;  an occasional chair in its resting state, the Library Chair folds into a step ladder when needed.

Credits/Images:  groupDesign


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