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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

OK, we know what you're thinking ........... this is supposed to be a blog about chairs, not interiors.  Well, in our defence, it was the chairs what done it gov, honest!

The photos are from a renovation project in a heritage protected inner-city Amsterdam apartment.  The objective was to increase the feeling of space through the 'white washing' of all surfaces.  The sourcing and selection of mid-century furniture from dutch designers was crucial in creating a suitable atmosphere.  Vintage pieces from Wim Rietveld (ummmmh), Martin Visser (aaahhhhhh), Rob Parry (ooooooh) and Friso Kramer (woaaaaaaah) contrast with the all white interior.

Credits/Images:  gabriëls webb

Can anyone help ID the moulded chair with the cat's cradle base - it looks like an Eames LAR, but its the wrong shape;  the back is too low???

Update:  Its an Eames La Fonda.


  1. the eames chair is the La Fonda,it was designed for a restaurant and the low back matched the table height, originally they were used with the La Fonda one post leg, but i used the cats cradle instead.

    nice to see my place on your blog!

  2. James: Thank you so much for visiting! It was an absolute pleasure to feature your delicious apartment on the blog - it's been the inspiration for a couple of other posts too (check out and



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