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Thursday, 4 November 2010

We are simply loving this .......... if we could copy the entire Superfolk website and put it here we would, so!

Based in Dublin, Superfolk is an independent design studio established in 2008.  The studio's heart is in the craft of production, be that hand-made or industrial.  Superfolk products are a tribute to Ireland's heritage of vernacular object making, playfully referencing a way of life rooted in the land, its animals and its weather whilst also striving to emulate the sensitivity and sustainability of the vernacular approach. The studio is focused on working with locally sourced Irish materials and strives for innovation in its approach to natural resources such as wool, wood and leather.

Stools are loosely based on the adhoc tradition of Irish vernacular furniture.  The stools can be connected together in various arrangements to create benches, tables, foot stools, etc.

Based on a mixture of Irish furniture, the Superbench echos both tiny fire stools and wallside seating.

Made on a tight budget and over a period of two weeks '49 Stools' aim to push the perception of handmade craft out of the realm of the precious 'display object' and back into everyday use.  Cheap off-cuts of native Irish hardwoods were used in combination with shovel handles sourced from farmers cooperative shops.  The concept was originally designed as temporary seating for audiences attending events at the Kilkenny Arts Festival 2009.

Credits/Images:  Superfolk


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