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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

OK, something a little different today, but if you love a good story and adore good old fashioned craftsmanship, then stick with.

Last year, designer William Warren participated in a project named Bodging Milano in which nine designers each made a greenwood chair in an outdoor workshop using only old fashioned hand tools, pole lathes and steam benders.  The design of Warren's original greenwood chair has now been re-worked, and the result is ........

........ the Sunray Chair, which is a traditionally constructed Windsor chair, with a carved seat, spindles and a steam bent back bow.  The spindles in the back do not run into the seat block, but instead fan out from the lower back rail giving a sunrise effect. The top of the seat has nothing joining into it, allowing the curved back and seat to sit comfortably together without touching.

Our favourite, the upholstered version of the Sunray, incorporates jute webbing - a standard upholstery material, but normally hidden under springs, cushions and fabrics - which is left exposed and woven in a three way pattern and joined to the lower rails and the upper bow.

Fascinating stuff!

Credits/Images:  William Warren, Case Furniture


  1. Gorgeous!
    I absolutely love how the spindels are attached lower than the seat!
    The look reminds me alittle of Wegners peacock chair..
    (which is one of my favourites)

  2. Johanna, yes, we agree with you regarding the spindles. We should have included a picture of the side profile, as the design is really quite something - the seat appears to float in mid-air!!

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  4. I'd love to see a picture of the side profile, do you have one? I tried to find one on the internet, without any luck..

  5. Johanna, this link includes a few photographs of the chair taken from different angles: :)



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