Going loco

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Danish designers and Mexican craftsmen have collaborated to produce this re-make of the classic Mexican Acapulco Chair.  Originally designed in 1950s, this iconic chair has been re-styled by The Acapulco Chair Company and includes some vibrant new colourways.  Which is your favourite? 


  1. I want that yellow one. White would be nice to! I notised that you have become a reader on my blog. I´m honoured! Welcome :)

  2. Thanks Johanna! I've been reading (well, looking at the pics really as my Finnish isn't great!) your blog for a while now, I don't now why I wasn't officially following you before! And thanks for following here too :)

  3. You will learn som finnish soon and I will learn some english. Nice deal don´t you think? ;)

  4. They remember me when I was a child...we used to have those chairs and I HATED to sit on them because later my legs' back part were full of stripes and painful like hell! :D

    But are nice to see...true :)


  5. I remember them too - at school! If only we'd had a few sheepskins to throw over them!



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