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Saturday, 15 January 2011

The chair on which Christine Keeler sat in the celebrated portrait session is an imitation of the classic Model 3107 or Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen.  Photographer Lewis Morley had bought half a dozen of them in a sale at Heal's for five shillings apiece in 1960.  The hand-hold aperture cut out of the back was a ploy to avoid the legalities of copyright.

Credits/Images:  V&A, Daily Icon


  1. aaah, but it lacks the presence of the Jacobsen - that little overhang at the bottom adds a nice visual weight and overall a more pleasing shape; the imposter's shaped seat makes it a bit more self-conscious, don't you think? haha just bein' picky ;)

  2. Spot on Julie! If you click the link to the V&A website at the bottom of our post there is an interesting critique of the chair used in the Keeler shoot versus Jacobsen's original design.

  3. I have had a challenge in my blog in which my readers have told what their favorite blogs are and you know what? Your blog is one of them!

    Look here for the list:

  4. Sandra, thank you so much - this is a real honour. And thank you also to JohannaK for nominating chairsmith as one of your five favourite blogs! We've tweeted about Inspirera Mera and LÖYTÖ over on Twitter - we hope this brings you both more readership :)



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