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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Following on from our monochrome shell collection post about the moulded shell chair designed by Eames, we couldn't resist sharing this 'Eames Fiberglass Chair Colors' chart for Herman Miller which dates from c. 1962.

The standrd shell colours are:  OG-Olive Green Dark, OC-Ochre Light, RU-Raw Umber, SB-Seal Brown, RO-Red Orange, NB-Navy Blue, LY-Lemon Yellow, GR-Greige, PR-Parchment, SF-Sea Foam Green, EG-Elephant Hide Grey.

The contract shell colours are:  BK-Black, TC-Terracotta, LG-Greige Light, OD-Ochre Dark, MG-Grey Medium, PN-Pink, GL-Grey Light, TQ-Turquoise, LB-Light Blue, MB-Medium Blue, TL-Tan Light, TD-Tan Dark, LS-Sea Foam Green Light, BY-Brilliant Yellow, YG-Grey Yellow, KG-Kelly Green.

Credits/Images:  Eames Office


  1. I love the MB-Medium blue!
    Have you any pic of an Eames made with this color??


  2. You can find a picture of a great mid-blue rocker here (scroll down to find) - its featured on a pretty good mid-mod blog which we think you'll enjoy!

  3. I'd like one arm shell in each colour please. Hahaha

  4. Eames Guy: We'll see what we can do!

  5. i am asking myself why butterscotch yellow is missing in the palette. any ideas?
    nevertheless, nice post, thank you! :)



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