Modern romance

Monday, 14 February 2011

What better day to share with you the romance behind two couples who changed the face of design?

What began as an encounter between a young art student and a married teacher, lead to a love affair that spanned nearly four decades and changed the world of design forever.  Charles Eames was a married man when 27 year old Bernice Alexandra Kaiser walked into his life.  Bernice, or 'Ray' as she was affectionately known, left art school abruptly after only knowing Charles for four months, and they were soon wed - one month after Charles' divorce was final.  It was a romance that spawned some of the world's most iconic furniture, architecture and film.  Thirty seven years of passionate collaboration ended in 1978 when, at the age of 71, Charles Eames died.  Ten year later to the day, Ray died too.

Often called the British version of Ray and Charles Eames, Robin and Lucienne Day were design powerhouses.  Unlike their American counterparts they didn't operate as a team but created stunning works independent of one another while working side by side;  each serving as the other's muse.  They met at the Royal College of Art in 1940 and their passion for design drew them together, and pushed one another to create innovative and original work.  Pioneers in textile design and ergonomic seating design, the body of work the pair amassed over five decades is impressive and inspiring.  Lucienne Day passed away at the age of 93 in January 2010, and Robin passed away later that same year, aged 95.

Credits/Images:  Lushpad, Interior Design



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