Georgian Modern

Thursday, 3 March 2011

We're somewhat enamoured with Day's Forum, so these photographs by Rachael Smith of an interior space in Paddington really grabbed our attention.  We love the way these modern classics - and there's a few gems by Eames and Aalto too - sit so well within their bright and airy Georgian setting.

Images:  Rachael Smith


  1. fantastic house....the light, color palette, materials and mid-century modern furniture make a lovely balanced mix!
    thanks for sharing :D


  2. Thanks both! We really think this space is delicious and somewhat refreshing compared to the all white, minimalist interiors we all too often see!

  3. This is really beautiful ~ it has a warmth and a lived in feeling that makes it incredibly inviting. Agree about the white minimalist interiors ~ so easy to do, so easy to get wrong!

  4. Thanks for stopping and sharing your comments, quite agree with you regarding the warmth generated from the lived-in feel of the space.



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