Thursday, 10 March 2011

We received a complaint last week - yes, a complaint.  Marco over at MidCenturyHome has been unable to sleep - he finds himself lying awake at night anxiously pondering whether or not he can afford the 'amazing chairs' we post about.  Marco asked that we at least publish the prices in order that he can rest easy.  So, to aid Marco's slumber, not only have we found him this delightful Danish mid-century modern convertible sofa/daybed, but its a mere snip at US$3,200 or EUR2,290 ...... that's £1,970 in our language!

Images:  FineMod


  1. OMG!!!! Why didn't you post it one year ago when I was looking for a beauty like this for my living room!? :D
    Now I'll not sleep for the remorse ;)
    Thanks for sharing this 'dream'.


  2. I love this sofa!!! I wish my pockets were a little deeper so I could buy it.

  3. Glad you both like the convertible, hard not to really!

  4. you see? I'm not the only one concerned about expensive beauties! :p



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