Mid-century magic

Monday, 18 April 2011

Farnley Hey is one of Britain's most celebrated Modern houses designed by the architect Peter Womersley in 1954.  Maintained in remarkably original condition, it is a magnificent example of mid-century modern architecture.  It was one of the first post-war buildings to be Grade II listed, with English Heritage commenting that 'in style Farnley Hey suggests the influence of Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright ...... It typifies the best of the 1950s in its lightness, sense of the picturesque and optimistic stance'.  Inside as well as out, it's been maintained with the same spirit of Modernism as when it was built, with few anachronisms from later decades having been allowed to disturb the contemporary aesthetic.

Credits/Images:  The Modern House, The Guardian


  1. This house is absolutely amazing, never seen it before though. Great seperation of spaces too. Open, but with a clear sense of purpose. Really nice.

  2. Erik: We completely agree, it really is an amazing house! If you're interested in seeing more pictures of both the exterior and interior spaces of this home, click on the link at the bottom of our post. Thanks for stopping by and commenting - hope to see you here again soon!



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