Stag party

Friday, 17 June 2011

Having not posted for one whole week the pressure's on to find something a bit special.  Gulp!  Can we pull it off?  Does it really matter?  Um, no!  But here's some deliciousness we spotted over on a well-known auction website that caught our beady little eyes - a pair of S.725 Goble chairs manufactured by Stag Furniture.  The name Stag Furniture and that of its most well-known designers, John and Sylvia Reid, go hand-in-hand - however, neither Reid designed the Goble chair.  So who did?  Huh?  Huh?

Credits/Images: Ben Joyner


  1. That a stunning chair without a doubt, but are you really going to leave me wondering who designed the chair?
    Just a hint would do....

  2. Those are great chairs, and I'm dying to know who designed them. Yes, a hint, please...

  3. Hello Chairsmith,

    Thanks for writing about my chairs. I've just found out they are by Dorothy and Paul Goble, designed in 1962:

    They are indeed really nice chairs. The only place I've seen them before is in Erno Goldfinger's Willow Rd home:

    The pair on ebay have sold, but I've actually got another pair of the chairs.

    Many thanks again,
    20th Century Design

  4. I was actually worried about your silence! ;)
    They look really stylish and comfy!


  5. Modern Room: We've devoted a post based on your helpful response - and we really can't say a big enough thank you!

    Mid-Century Home: Ahhhhhhh!

  6. I've got one of those - it was in my father's house. I remember it from the 1960s. I've sent you an e-mail with a picture. The cushions look a bit sad and flat now but it's always been a really comfy chair. :))



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