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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Designed by Charlotte Perriand for the Ski Resort Les Arcs ski resort during the 1960s, there's no denying that the combination of the stark chrome tubular frame and invitingly rich tones of the tanned leather make this chair a real beauty. But, rather disappointingly, it's terribly uncomfortable. Why oh why did we have to go and sit on one? We so wanted this chair to be a hit - an all-round hit. Guess it only wins a place in the style stakes!

Images:  MidMod Design


  1. Those are so gorgeous you could almost forgive their being uncomfortable.

  2. But they look so good! My friend has a whole stack of Robin Day Polo chairs which he uses for parties and shows - they are super-cute en masse but so uncomfortable! xx

  3. Mid Century HomeMonday, 25 July, 2011

    how comes?? they look really comfy actually...
    design mysteries...

  4. Dana: Perhaps. We're still dealing with the disappointment!

    Brismod: Oh, sounds like we'll have to road test the Polo chair now!

    Mid-Century Home: When you sit down the tubular frame hits you right across the back and on the back of the legs - how one could sit on one of these for a prelonged period is beyond us.

  5. Have been reliably informed that these were not designed by Perriand! They were used by her for a photoshoot she did in Les Arcs but not her chair. Not sure of the designer but produced near Leuwarden in Holland... the bodgy welding gives it away.

    Would Perriand have designed an uncomfortable chair?

  6. urban design myth used by design dealers for years to sell this chair. not a perriand chair.



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