A change of tack

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

When we began this blog it was meant to be a means by which we could record our passion for two things:  chairs and upholstery.  The blog subsequently took on a form of its own and quickly became a place to find a design classic or two, with posts on upholstery fairly thin on the ground.  So, in an attempt to redress the balance we're turning our attention (for today at least) to a dusty old book we found over the weekend - none other than the upholsterer's 'Bible'.  Although originally written by Frederick Palmer in 1921, 'Practical Upholstering' is still the most complete work on the subject, admirably describing the timeless techniques and best practice of the traditional upholsterer.  Without a photograph in sight, the book contains over 400 hand-drawn illustrations as a result of Palmer's habit of making sketches of chairs and settees at different points in their construction.  It's a wonderful and insightful book into the handicraft that is traditional upholstery.

Images:  chairsmith ©


  1. Your title had me worried - I thought this was a post revealing you were a Fundamentalist Jedi or something...(there is such a thing believe it or not...) xx

  2. Oh dear - think we'll change the post title then!

  3. Done - and there'll be no more 'bible bashing' round these parts!

  4. What a treasure!! I would give my left leg for a look at that book : )



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