delightful deviation #4

Saturday, 24 September 2011

As our quest for the ultimate sideboard continues, we couldn't not feature this compact - and alas too small for our needs - sideboard.  Now, we know very little about sideboards, but we understand this little gem was designed by Nils Jonsson for Hugo Troeds.  Does this make a difference?  Well, no, not to us ...... but what does are the drawers handles.  Yeap, the handles!  Their shape is simply delightful - and if one looks closely at the last photograph, one can see how perfectly the cupboard door slots behind them when opened fully.  Dreamy!  

 Due to an incorrect attribution on our part, we've updated this post here 


  1. Gimme! I need one. Those small drawers are so perfect for storing prints. It's like a flat file!

  2. Oh, that IS dreamy. I think I'd have to leave it open all the time, just to show off how those handles work!

    What is it about sideboards/credenzas that makes them so irresistible? We got three new ones, and I spent the afternoon swooning over them.

  3. OLD BRAND NEW: Finders, keepers!

    Dana@Mid2Mod: May have to start moonlighting as credenzasmith!

    Sudha: Thanks for stopping by - we're in love too!

  4. That is a gorgeous little chair, oops sideboard, I'm with Old brand new, gimme!

  5. Debra: Haha! Slightly concerned that the sideboard is receiving so many comments - we could be in the wrong business!

  6. It's actually designed by Yngve Eckstrom for Troeds.

    1. Thanks for this. We took your comment on board and have done some follow up research. As a result, we've now put together an updated post containing the correct attribution:



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