On what basis?

Thursday, 8 September 2011

OK, so here's the thing:  we find a number of Eames shell chairs over on that well-known auction website and the low-down is looking good - various colours, but mainly shades of yellow and orange (oooh), fibreglass (aaah), made by Herman Miller (oooh) - and then things take a nose-dive ...... stacking base (errr).  Yeap, you've got it - we're not huge fans of the stacking base.  So, what to do?  Leave the chairs alone and keep on looking, or buy, buy, buy and change the bases?  Decisions, decisions!

Images:  ModernDeluxe


  1. My vote is for buying and changing bases too...if the shells are bargain-priced.

  2. Funny, I was just thinking about whether or not I could find bases to buy. I say buy and change bases and show us the end product.

  3. Definitely buy and change the bases. I quite like the H base but I know what you mean.

    If you come across a bargain...buy it!

  4. How fun would it be to have something that can be attached onto the bases.
    Like an a detachable side table or baskets that can hold vases for flowers on either side, or a magazine basket, or a lamp.



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