Sweet charity

Monday, 12 September 2011

OK, so last time we featured Franco Albini we quite clearly stated that we weren't entirely sure where we stood on wicker.  And then, only the other day, we walked passed a charity shop that happened to have this chair in the window (well, not THIS chair, but a chair just like it).  Said chair, for sale, £8.  Eight pounds!  So in we went and did a deal.  We paid ......... eight whole pounds - well, one doesn't haggle in a charity shop.  Bargainous, even if it is wicker!

Images:  Gallery 33 via 1st Dibs


  1. I just did a post about Albini a few days ago, and I have to admit that while I love the IDEA of some of his wicker pieces, I'm not sure the loopy pieces would be very comfortable on the backs of your legs.

  2. Oh what a beautiful Sweet charity, it's such an inspiration! It's going to my "inspiration file".



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