up, up and away!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Anyone who follows us over on Twitter will know that we're not really very keen on up-cycling.  Not up-cycling per se you understand, but up-cycling done badly and/or needlessly, with no particular thought process involved.  So when we received an email from Markus Friedrich Staab asking us to take a look at his 're-cycled, re-furbished, re-done' work, we immediately thought it was one for the recycle bin!  But curiosity got the better of us, and we soon found ourselves immersed in a colourful world of once mass-produced and homogeneous chairs - picked up from convention centres or found abandoned on the street - which had been given a new lease of life.  The purists amongst you may be rolling your eyes, but, on this occassion, we're just lapping up those clashing neon stripes!


  1. These are really great pieces of furniture (and art). Love the color combination! Thanks for posting

  2. The Veda House: They're quite fun aren't they!



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