Friday, 21 October 2011

Our local auction house peddles a huge amount of brown furniture, so we were quite excited when we got wind they were holding a 20th century sale.  Before we hit the off, we did a quick recky online and there appeared to be a few bits and pieces that looked interesting - mainly Gispen, but then we like a bit of Gispen - so off we went.  And we're jolly glad we did, as accompanying the catalogue was a hastily typed sheet of additional lots .... and 'hello' Herman Miller fibreglass shells!  Yes, there they were, four of them, completely legless, perched atop a pair of industrial metal side tables.  Their condition near perfect, Herman Miller stamps evident, shock mounts in situ, guide price for all four a snippet - bingo!  We left a sealed bid.  The sale is tomorrow, 10 o'clock sharp .....


  1. Ooohh. That's a nice little surprise. I hope they will be yours. xx

  2. Hope you get them! Finding shells in great condition is always exciting.

  3. Brismod: Maybe they are!

    Dana: Completely agree - their condition was faultless.



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