watch the birdie

Friday, 4 November 2011

We had always considered Bertoia's Bird Chair - or Model No. 423LU - to be a strange creature, an odd looking invention designed to provoke or merely grab one's attention, and to that end we'd written it off as nothing more than a little bit silly.  But this design has really grown on us.  In fact when we saw it here we positively thought it looked like the most comfortable of chairs, if not a little quirky.  And what's so wrong with quirky ... huh, huh?

Images:  Art Value (© ADAGP, Paris 2009)


  1. While I'd actually like to own a Diamond chair, I certainly wouldn't turn down a Bird chair if someone offered it to me. A few quirks never hurt anyone.

  2. Not too sure where it would fit in the Jason household, but I certainly wouldn't turn it down if offered for nowt!

    Not too sure about it being comfortable but then you can always use cushions.



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