feeling festive

Thursday, 8 December 2011

You must all know by now how we love a little fibreglass, not to mention a La Fonda base, but this set has got a festive feel about it don't you think?  Come on ...... white for snow, green and red for holly and, and, that other one on the end has to be double yummy gingerbread doesn't it?  There, we're done .... that's probably as festive as things are going to get around here!

Images:  Deconet


  1. I wasn't sure you were going to pull off the festive theme with that brown chair in the mix, but the gingerbread idea was pure genius. :)

  2. Ha! I would've said it was a tribute to the Italians, and the brown was the hazelnut gelato. xx

  3. Joy! Yes, the gingerbread is just too clever. Here's our own traditional red and green take on an Eames Christmas...

    Those La Fondas sure make me wanna sing...fa la la la la!



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