double take

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Yeap, nice, very nice ..... but hey Mr. Orange, what's going on down there?


  1. I don't even recognize that base. Do you know what it was on originally? I wonder what motivates people to do that to a perfectly good DAX shell.

  2. I agree, holes drilled through shell?

  3. Oh, the crazyness! It hurts my eyes..

  4. Haha! Interesting pair...Yes, very displeased with a person wanting to drill a plastic 1990's office chair base in to anything Eames related...

    As for the brown shell - amazing fibers, the back is painted? And they apparently used your typical school chair glides on the H-base versus the easy to find original white nylon glides...

    Whatever floats your boat?

  5. People just don't know what to do with great chairs...shame on them for drilling holes in the seat!



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