Wednesday, 16 May 2012

We can't get enough of Cast and Crew - both on Etsy and Instagram. This dynamic duo offer raw and iconic mid-century modern designs and they know how to find stuff - good stuff - and take fabulous images of their finds to boot. We were browsing through their archives just the other day and came across this two seater which they'd salvaged from a dilapidated laundromat. The two fibreglass shells mounted in a tandem style, have managed to hang on to much of their original shine and with a colour scheme that is hard to beat - one turquoise and the other bright red-orange - they're ready, as Cast and Crew put it, to tango!

Images:  Cast and Crew


  1. Oh boy! Just making my routine cruise through the Chair Smith blog and what do we have here! :)

    Thanks for the love!

  2. I have appreciate with getting lot of good and reliable ideas with your post

  3. Nice post.. keep sharing it up.. i like such color combo chair..



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