Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Here's the latest addition to our every expanding family of chairs designed by the infamous Mr Eames.  This one we picked up more for the base than the shell itself, but the electrifying blue hopsack is growing on us.  The shell is relatively new - we can just pick out the year 1989 stamped on the underside - and in super condition, however we can't say the same for the base.  It's doubtful if the cast aluminium 'contract' base is original to the shell, mainly because it appears to have seen so much wear - one of the nylon glides is present only in part, and goodness knows how many layers of dirt and grime we've stumped up for.  But a quick whizz around the interweb (OK, OK, we headed straight over to Manhattan Nest) and we're now completely in-the-know - a little Ajax coupled with some elbow grease should do the trick when we eventually get round to sprucing this baby up!


  1. Can't wait to see it when you're done. It's amazing what some elbow grease can accomplish.

    1. Elbow grease .... the one thing that SHOULD come in jars!



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