Friday, 12 October 2012

We've spent far too long debating whether or not our 'mix' posts need to have any words. What do you think? If you think not, then stop reading now and pretend there isn't any text here. If, on the other hand, you think 'yeah, words are good, we'll take some words please', then by all means carry on …

We've plumped for a monochrome mix this week, focusing on shaped black wire and shapely leather curves.  There.  That's it.  We really, really tried, but we couldn't think of any more words.  We're off to get some medicine for writers' block ... have a great weekend!

PS:  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Stendig via Line Thit Klein | 'Hang It All' via Utility Design | 'In the Neighbourhood' newspaper stand via Minustio | Bertoia's Diamond chair via The Brick House | 'Dewey Decimal' antlers via antler&co | black/white interior via Varpunen | black leather sofa via Beanfield | 'Kopra Burst' light via David Weeks Studio | Bertoia's Diamond chair via Time of the Aquarius


  1. Words words words. Enjoyed the pictures.

    1. Hello Rebecca, thanks for stopping by. Sounds like you're after words as well as pictures ... we'll remember for next time!

  2. You know how wordy I can be. I love your images, but I always enjoy hearing what you have to say too.



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