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Friday, 23 November 2012

We're in the midst of choosing some new lighting for our hallway, and decision making is proving a little tricky.  Now if money were no object we'd probably opt for a little something by Poul Henningen - the PH ARTICHOKE for instance, or the PH50 pendant - hey, we're not fussy.  But as money is an object - curse you oh piggy bank - and with a concern that there may be a design rule out there somewhere which says hanging an Artichoke in a hallway ain't the done thing or something, we've taken a more realistic approach to lighting that sad and neglected corridor that is our hallway.

We're down to two options, both of which we love - the white E27 SOCKET LAMP by Mattias Stahbom for Muuto and the NUD CLASSIC light fitting.  Both perfect, although the NUD Classic comes with a huge array of colourful textile cables to choose from which adds another layer to the decision making process.  Either fitting can be finished with a large filament light bulb - and the lightbulb, that lightbulb, is such a beautiful thing.  Time to flip a coin ...

Images:  Haus London


  1. As curious as I am, naturally I had to check out the cord colors for the NUD Classic. I expected 4 or 5, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when I found the cord page!!! Oh my...I'm in love with the black and white zick-zack (and, of course, the orange). What unbelievably cool lights! So is the Stahbom. I think you're going to have to flip several coins.



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