Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Last night we came across some words which resonated with us .... "There are times when I feel this pointlessness with blogging - the vanity, the misconception, the pressure to constantly one-up yourself ...".  Yes, yes, that's us.  "... but there are other times when I'm abundantly grateful for it.  It's given me incredible opportunities ...".  And that's us too.  Only recently we were presented with an incredible opportunity that just wouldn't have come about had we not confiscated this tiny corner of the internet and made it our own. And right now we're feeling abundantly grateful - not just because this incredible opportunity came knocking, but to our readers for bearing with and providing us with the momentum to keep at it.

Thank you.


  1. I'm very grateful that you've kept at it!

  2. I am thinking of a new office chair, but am not sure what to get. Something that mixes functionality with a modern taste would be ideal. Do you think a chair like this would be good for behind the desk or for guests?

    1. First one looks very comfortable. We have some chairs of this shape (picture left) in our head-office and we are very happy, because they look great and are comfortable too.



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