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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Eames LAR, Circa Modern | Artwork, Conrad Jon Godly | Quote via Lotta Agaton | Interior for Elle Decoration - ph. Pia Ulinstylist Lotta Agaton | Candle, Ontwerpduo

Now I've ditched CHAIRSMITH, I've ditched talking in the first person plural.  And I prefer it this way.  When I first started blogging it was all about the subject matter.  The person behind the words was an irrelevance, and therefore I chose to take a back seat.  Opting to write as if there was more than one person behind CHAIRSMITH also allowed me to be anonymous, to have no identity - and this is something I felt comfortable with at the time.  But a few years down the line things began to get tricky.  At times, I was unable to write the words I wanted to write because sentences become too burdensome to formulate using 'we' or 'us'.  I abandoned tweets I wanted to send or reply to as I'd be unable to make the language work.  But I counterbalanced this with the personal amusement gained from observations and comments other folk continually made about CHAIRSMITH.  Not once was I mistaken for a female.  On the contrary, I lost count of the times I'd receive comments which included the words 'he', him', 'chap/s', 'Mr' and 'guys'.

What? Don't chicks do mid-century modern? They do. I know. But perhaps modern chair design is more synonymous with the male of the species, whereas the fairer sex are typecast as preferring chinz and over-stuffed upholstery.  I don't know, but it's worth dwelling on for a moment.

Moment over.

Two things happened towards towards the end of my career at CHAIRSMITH (and please feel free to laugh at the 'career' reference) which culminated in my name - my actual, real name - being published alongside the name of my former blog.  This was weird.  It looked weird.  It felt weird.  But it turned out to be the moment I'd been waiting for - an opportunity to come clean about the real me.  And now I like being me, and having a name and communicating using words like 'I' and 'me'.  And I quite like having an about page, about me.

Hey, it's all about me!


  1. OK, I confess. I thought you were an older couple, with the man doing most of the writing. You pulled that off nicely. Like you, I like you better now as yourself. Great glasses, by the way.

    1. Oh Dana, you really made me laugh - and thank you for being so honest.

  2. Congrats on your new blog. But why dont you use your name in instagram or link to this blog. Nice day!



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