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Friday, 14 March 2014

Reality CheckReality CheckReality CheckReality CheckReality Check
Home of Wolfram Neugebauer | Photos by Janne Peters

OK, OK, so second post in and I'm regurgitating pictures of someone else's home … but I couldn't help myself.  I spotted these pictures months ago in Elle Decoration (January 2014) and I've been unable to take my eyes of this Hamburg apartment ever since.  I thought if I blogged about it, it might help dampen the urge I have to decorate my entire house.  Call it therapy.

I can't pinpoint exactly what it is about this place that keeps me coming back for more. Perhaps the abundance of light? Perhaps the designer classics dotted here, there and everywhere? Perhaps the muted colour palette?  Perhaps that vintage trolley?  Yeah, that vintage trolley.

I get a kick out of seeing how other folk put together their homes, seeing what goodies they collect and how they arrange stuff.  And after seeing these photos I could quite happily spend hours dreaming about owning an Egg chair.  Or a Pretzel chair.  Even a small army of Series 7s.  I'd be quite content to while away hours contemplating where I'd position a Barcelona day bed should I ever have one, or where exactly I'd mount a set of Serge Mouille wall lights.  But why dream when I can have my very own 'vintage trolley with back to front books and candlesticks' reality.

You see, tucked away somewhere or other I happen to have my very own vintage trolley.  It was a family cast-off destined for the charity shop, or worst still, the dump.  Being the furniture hoarder that I am - a furniture hoarder with no game plan that is - I took it in.  I had no room for a vintage trolley, no need for a vintage trolley.  In fact, I wasn't even sure if I liked the look of said trolley.  

But now I'm beginning to see that vintage trolley in a whole new light.  And I have plans for it, big plans!


  1. That truly is a beautiful home. I happen to be a fan of tea trolleys, but I didn't have a place for mine when I downsized. It's for sale, but I'm secretly hoping no one takes it. I can't wait to see what you do with yours.

    1. Having dug it out, it appears to have suffered from water damage because someone (me) forgot to cover it before storing it away. Oh well … I like a good project!



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