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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Modern Living Modern Living Modern Living Modern Living Modern Living Modern Living Modern Living Modern Living Modern LivingModern Living
photos via The Modern House

I'm always trawling through The Modern House - an independent estate agency which specialises in modern architecture - on the off chance they'll have some ramshackle house in need of attention that might bring a little bit of modernism within my financial grasp.  I know that ain't ever going to happen, but it doesn't stop me looking.  It was on one such trawl that I spotted this place.  One of a group of three architect-designed houses designed in the late 1960s by architects Peter Foggo and David Thomas, its steel frame, glass and wood construction is reminiscent of the famous Californian 'Case Study' houses.  And if the architecture isn't enough … designer classics, HELLO.


  1. This sure is a beauty, R. I have to comment on "that ain't ever going to happen". It just might. I (had) have a favourite site for that based over here as well. I would look and dream... I saw my house up for sale 2 years before we were ready to buy and thought, now that is exactly my kind of house. SIGH. When my husband said maybe we should start looking for a house I went back to that site. Would you believe it was up for sale AGAIN? The rest is history. For someone like you, with such a good eye, it is bound to happen eventually.

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